Our Queens Award



Proud holder of a Queens Award for Enterprise

Prolectric is the proud holder of a Queen's Award for Enterprise, in the Sustainable Development category.

It is an incredible honour for us to be recognised in this way.

Personal approval from HM The Queen

The awards are personally approved by Her Majesty the Queen, and recommended to Her Majesty by the Prime Minister.

As the UK’s most prestigious business accolade, the award recognises Prolectric’s excellence in developing and bringing smart, sustainable technology to key industries. Winning businesses able to use the esteemed Queen’s Awards emblem for the five years.

We will carry the emblem with pride.

Why we won

During the rigorous evaluation process, Prolectric was able to demonstrate significant annual investment in sustainable R and D, with an approach to business and new product development built entirely around sustainability, with the impact measured in carbon savings, diesel savings and cost reduction.

Since introducing the first permanent solar-only street lights to the UK in 2011, Prolectric have gone on to become the authoritative voice in solar lighting, temporary power and security for the construction, rail and infrastructure projects.

We have proven that sustainable technologies are not a novelty. They can, and are, being deployed on major infrastructure projects throughout the UK and Europe.

So where to next?

Our commitment to research and development, and our significant investment in it, continues in earnest. Today, we are a more innovative, agile and reactive company then we have ever been before - and these, historically, has always been major strengths of ours.

We have lots more in the pipeline and Prolectric have many more innovations up our sleeve.

So stay tuned !


Receiving a notification that Prolectric has been recognised by Her Majesty the Queen and the highest levels of Government was quite a moment.

We have worked hard to embed an innovative, collaborative approach to our business operations and product development, where the focus has always been on the sustainable ‘impact’ of the products we release to market.

We have worked equally as hard on building, nurturing and encouraging our fantastic team, who are used to delivering solutions to the highest standards.

In an industry where our competitors primarily focus on more traditional diesel based systems, we believe that our level of investment in sustainable technology is unpresented in our market.

I would like to say a huge thank you to our team, and our clients, who have supported us and collaborated with us over the last few years.

Chris Williams
Managing Director


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