QinetiQ Headquarters Farnborough

Prolectric's permanent solar street lighting deployed across large headquarters site in Farnborough.
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QinetiQ switched to Solar and made significant savings...

By deploying sustainable permanent solar street lighting products across their large headquarters site in Farnborough - QinetiQ has achieved incredible results, including a significant reduction in operational costs and CO2e emissions.

S.H, Project Manager at QinetiQ said: 

“QinetiQ has a target of becoming a Net-Zero company with ambitious near-term GHG emission reduction targets. To assist with this ambition, Prolectric assessed our lighting needs, developed a detailed site lighting plan and installed over 129 solar street lights and bollards at our Headquarters at Cody Technology Park.”

“The new lights are bright and reliable, improving health and safety during the hours of darkness. The lighting is high quality and proving to be robust in harsh weather. All lighting completed so far has required minimal maintenance, and the installation has been well received by both the company and our tenants alike.”


  • QinetiQ is one of the world's largest defence technology contractors.
  • A solution was needed to significantly improve the lighting across their large headquarters site in Farnborough.
  • There was a lack of quality lighting across the site for pedestrians and vehicles.
  • The existing lighting was also high wattage but low quality.


  • Digging trenches for new mains-powered cabling to replace the failed circuits would have caused extensive disruption.
  •  It would also have been very costly.
  • The new lighting solution should provide quality year-around lighting, be easy to deploy and cost-effective to run.
  • Ensuring that installation works had a minimal environmental impact was also a major objective.
  • The solution also needed to be environmentally sustainable and significantly help reduce carbon emissions.





  • After a site visit, Prolectric developed a complete lighting design and proposal, ensuring the new site lighting would reach British lighting standards.
  • A total of 64 AE3 and AE6 solar street lights and 65 solar bollards were installed across car parks and walkways - delivering a bright and reliable year-round lighting solution without noise, emissions and the need for mains power.
  • Prolectric’s expert, in-house installation team carried out the work. It took only three weeks to complete and was done in accordance with QinetiQ’s health and safety regulations.
  • This project demonstrates how sustainable solar lighting delivers a year-round, commercially viable solution that can help towards reaching your sustainability targets.


  •  The Prolectric AE3 and AE6 are high-quality, year-round, permanent solar-powered LED street lights with no need for mains electrical power.
  • They can be fitted or retro-fitted easily, quickly and economically as there is no need to install cables or dig trenches.
  •  Fully solar powered – no carbon emissions, no noise, no electricity bills & less maintenance required.
  • The AE3 and AE6 feature a smart controller and Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensor, ensuring the unit lasts from dust to dawn - even throughout the darkest winter months.
  • Our ST series bollards use the latest LED lights and battery optimisation technology, ensuring bright light for as long as needed.
  • The vandal-resistant bollards have a polycarbonate domed head for strength and durability.

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