The Prolectric ProTrack is a rechargeable, lithium battery-powered, LED link lighting system. It offers a diesel-free modular, off-grid solution for illuminating night-time track maintenance for use within the rail industry.

The ProTrack has been tested and proven with leading rail contractors and was developed in direct response to their request for a low-cost and reliable alternative to noisy, smelly diesel generators and inconvenient mains power connections.


Sales & Rental

Our state-of-the-art temporary lighting, power and security solutions are available for sale, rental, or via our innovative cross-hire model.

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  • Standard track repairs
  • Bridge and tunnel maintenance
  • Rail infrastructure construction
  • Residential & busy urban areas
  • Perimeter Lighting


Available for short, or long-term hire, the ProTrack is the only link lighting system on the market that uses the very latest LED and lithium battery technology delivering:

Zero Carbon

No fumes or greenhouse gas emissions

Zero Noise

Benefits for urban locations and night projects.

Zero Fuel

No diesel costs, spills, or refuelling.

Zero Maintenance

Just set up and leave to run.

Save Time and Costs

The ProTrack system eliminates the need to pay for two people to attend and refuel diesel generators, saving considerably on project manpower costs.

Battery Powered

Each ProTrack kit is supplied with 2 lithium-ion battery packs, each weighing less than 50kg, a control box and 9 LED light, which can be daisy chained up to 100 yards from the battery box. Each Prolectric ProTrack battery unit can be recharged in 3 hours using the mains boost charger. An optional solar hybrid boost system can also be used to extend the charge time to over 240 hours


With the modular Prolectric ProTrack, long lines of ultra-bright, LED floodlights can be powered reliably with our silent-running, lightweight lithium battery packs. They can provide bright task lighting ideal for long stretches of track or perimeter lighting as well as illumination for works in tunnels and under bridges.


The ProTrack system enables a long weekend of bright illumination without the need to recharge the batteries. The modular units can be extended to enable work over extended track runs and long project timescales through the quick and easy recharging system.

Easy Delivery and Installation

Available for short, or long-term hire, ProTracks can be delivered to site at short notice ready to meet your needs. To reduce possession time, the ProTrack can be installed by our PTS-certified staff prior to the start of the job.

Remote Control & Monitoring

Remote control and monitoring are enabled via a micro-controller and GPS tracking in the ProTrack Control Box. Using Prolectric's own 3G portal, lighting on and off times can be programmed, and monitored. The lights can be switched on and off remotely without the need to attend on site.



The ProTrack is a rechargeable, modular, lithium battery-powered, LED link lighting system.

Protrack And Batteries

2 lithium-ion battery packs, each weighing less than 50kg.

9 ultra bright LED lights

Each Prolectric ProTrack battery unit can be recharged in 3 hours.

Remote control and monitoring with programmable lighting on and off times.

Daisy chain system up to 100 yards from the battery box.


Product specifications

  • Batteries
    2 lithium-ion battery packs, each weighing less than 50kg
  • Illumination
    9 LED lights,
  • Modular
    Daisy chain system
  • Recharge Time
    3 hours using the mains boost charger.
  • Monitoring
    GPS tracking & remote control.

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