The AWARD-WINNING Prolectric ProLight is the only mobile solar lighting tower in the UK that operates reliably all-year round, even in challenging winter conditions. The ProLight delivers powerful light without noise or emissions and offers a robust alternative to temporary diesel lighting for infrastructure, construction projects and events.  

The ProLight will never need to be refuelled and its digital, in-built, remote control function means you can alter its settings as required to suit the light conditions without the need to attend the light on site. With the data collected, you can track its performance – or ask us to do it for you.  Not only that, but we can provide you with regular reports detailing how much carbon you have saved compared to a conventional alternative.

It is straightforward to switch to ProLight.  For contractors and events organisers, the ProLight is a ‘use and forget’ asset that makes no noise and does not need to be refuelled or serviced. 


Sales & Rehire

Our state-of-the-art temporary lighting, power and security solutions are available for sale via Prolectric - or rehire to rental companies via our rental division, ProRehire.

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  • Infrastructure projects including rail, highways and development of commercial/residential
  • Temporary site works
  • Car parks and welfare compounds
  • Outdoor events and festivals
  • Emergency response lighting

Features & Benefits

Zero Emissions

No fumes or greenhouse gas emissions.

Zero Fuel

No diesel costs, spills or refuelling labour costs. 

Zero Noise

Ideal for urban, residential or night time projects.

Minimal Management

Just set up and leave to operate.

Limited Maintenance

Easy deployment, no need to fill the diesel tanks, clear spills, or service engines.

High-Power Capacity

The ProLight's high-power 1,520W total capacity is three times that of any other temporary solar tower light on the market. Even on winter days with 16 hours of darkness, the unit operates consistently and reliably.

Remote Monitoring & Reporting

Every ProLight is fitted with a micro-controller and GPS tracking, so it can be switched on and off remotely, and key data such as power generated/consumed and light on/off settings, can be monitored and recorded.

Customers are provided with real-time web portal access to Prolectric’s Remote Monitoring Service and we also provide a daily monitoring and control service to optimise the performance of each unit, as well as monthly reports of a range of performance data including carbon savings.

Tried, Tested and Proven

Compelling evidence of the carbon savings offered by this smart, clean, cost-effective and easy-to-use technology has been gathered through operation with Tier 1 contractors, demonstrating its potential to contribute significantly to construction industry carbon reduction targets.



Compact, reliable and easily transported. The award-winning ProLight delivers year-round lighting even in challenging winter conditions. 

Prolight Trailer

A 7.5m , 360° pan motor rotatable hydraulic and telescopic mast.​

An array of four 380W solar panels deliver 1,520W total capacity​​.

The ProLight comprises a specially-developed trailer-mounted unit.

Four LED lights which are capable of 3775 sqm coverage and up to 40,000 lumens output.​


Product specifications

  • Lighting System:
    4x LED floodlights
  • Light Coverage:
    3775 sqm coverage
  • Lux Levels:
    Adjustable lights to suit BS5489 standards
  • Lumens:
    Up to 40,000
  • Panels:
    4x 380W solar panel array
  • Battery:
    Heavy-duty, deep-cycle batteries
  • Mast:
    7.5m , 360° pan motor rotatable hydraulic and telescopic mast
  • Mounting:
    Mobile trailer-mounted unit
  • Dimensions:
    3600x2100mm (Stowed) 3600x3932mm (Deployed)
  • Weight:
  • Safety
    Built-in automatic mast​ safety system

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