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The Prolectric Lighting Portal is a game-changer in remote device management, offering remote monitoring, control, and reporting for any of the Prolectric mobile solar lighting towers

It provides cutting-edge access to critical performance data and allows you to control functionality from any location, including programming and scheduling on/off times for each unit.

Uniquely, the Lighting Portal enables our mobile solar lighting towers to determine the solar conditions in their location and use advanced technology to ensure they work throughout the night, all year round and in all weather conditions, whilst conforming with British Standard lighting levels. 

You can monitor a unit's operating condition in near real-time and respond. The Lighting Portal's intuitive dashboards provide up-to-date reporting on the performance of your solar lighting fleet. We can also customise our reporting system to interact and integrate with your existing reporting and unit management systems.

Sales & Rehire

Our state-of-the-art temporary lighting, power and security solutions are available for sale via Prolectric - or rehire to rental companies via our rental division, ProRehire.

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Features & Benefits

Remote monitoring delivers a host of useful features:

Battery Status

24/7 access to monitor the charge state of your unit’s battery.

Energy Generation

Always know how much energy your units are generating.

Energy Consumption

Keep on top of how much energy you’re using.

Carbon Savings

Near real-time data showing how much carbon is being saved.

Who Is It For

  • Hire Companies
  • Fleet Managers
  • Site Managers
  • Sustainability Managers
  • Operations Managers

Live Status Features

Monitor every aspect of your lighting system in near real-time with the Lighting Portal's comprehensive live status features. 

  • Load power: Monitor how much power your lighting system uses in near real-time.
  • Solar inputs: Get near real-time data on how much energy your solar panels are generating.
  • Battery level: Stay informed about your battery's charging and discharge status to ensure it's always at optimal levels.
  • GPS position/last seen: Track your lighting system's location in near real-time and receive alerts if it goes offline.
  • Data for remote monitoring portal: Access your live status data anywhere, anytime, through the Lighting Portal's secure and user-friendly interface.

Whether you're managing a single site or multiple locations, the Lighting Portal's live status features give you the insights you need to optimise your lighting system.

Asset Management Features

The Lighting Portal provides extensive asset management tools to help you keep track of your lighting systems and ensure they're always running smoothly.

  • Customer allocation: Allocate your lighting systems to specific customers, and track usage and performance data for each customer.
  • Map: View your lighting systems on an interactive map to quickly identify their location and status.

Whether you're a small business owner, a system operator or a large-scale lighting provider, the Lighting Portal gives you the centralised, easy-to-use tools you need to keep your assets running efficiently and effectively.

Remote Control Features

Use the Lighting Portal's powerful remote-control features to manage your lighting systems from anywhere, anytime. 

  • Turn lights on/off: Control the power usage of your lights remotely, ensuring they're only running when needed.
  • Manual/auto control switch: Choose between manual and automatic control for your lighting system, giving you complete control over your lighting.

Whether you need to turn off a unit during an emergency or control the lighting in multiple locations, the Lighting Portal gives you the power to take control of your lighting from anywhere, thanks to its powerful remote-control features.

Reporting Features

The Lighting Portal provides advanced reporting features to help you track and analyse your lighting system's performance.

  • Raw data exports: Export all your data in raw format for use in custom reports, data analysis, or integration with other tools.

Whether you want to optimise your lighting usage or better understand your system's performance, the Lighting Portal gives you the data and insights you need to make informed decisions. In addition, the raw data export feature allows you to access all your data in a readily usable and customisable format, giving you the flexibility to create reports that suit your specific needs.




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