ProTemp Temporary Solar LED Site Lighting

The Prolectric ProTemp is a temporary solar lighting column that delivers powerful and reliable year-round lighting without noise or emissions for sites such as construction compounds, temporary car parks, outdoor events and festivals.

The ProTemp can be moved into position quickly and easily with a forklift or sack truck to provide high-quality bright light that will continue reliably even through dark days and winter conditions. With no mains power, the ProTemp dispenses with the need for a contractor to dig trenches, install trunking or cables and saves significantly on groundworking and installation costs.

As an alternative to temporary diesel lighting, the ProTemp offers a clean, low-carbon lighting solution that requires minimal maintenance. Available for hire or purchase, it is straightforward to switch to the ProTemp.  For contractors and events organisers, the ProTemp is a ‘use and forget’ asset that does not need to be refuelled or serviced. See example video below of how effective and fast the installation of ProTemp Temporary site lighting is:


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  • AE2 LED Light
  • AE2 Solar panel

Available for hire or purchase, the ProTemp is the temporary lighting tower that offers:

Zero carbon: No fumes or greenhouse gas emissions
Zero noise: Benefits for urban locations and night projects 
Zero fuel: No diesel costs, spills, or refuelling
Zero Maintenance:   Install and forget technology  

Product Description/Specification

The ProTemp is a standalone unit with the LED luminaire located at a height of 3m or 5m from ground level, mounted on a concrete base.   A choice of 10w or 20w LED lights is available, with an output of up to 3,000 lumens.  

Every ProTemp is fitted with smart Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) to optimise power usage in the unit.  A bright light is activated when the area is entered by a vehicle or person.  When the area is unused this ‘smart eye’ technology switches off to save battery usage and minimise light pollution.

Tried, Tested and Proven

The Prolectric ProTemp has been proven in operation at a number of major construction sites across the UK.  Working with our partner manufacturing suppliers we have developed and tested the unit, so we can be confident it will operate reliably even during dark days and winter conditions.

Lighting Design Service

We will work with you to design a solar lighting solution specific to your site and deliver the right number of ProTemp lights to your site anywhere in the UK.  

Prolectric offers a lighting design service to ensure you have the optimum temporary lighting configuration for your site.


Download ProTemp Solar Lighting Column Data Sheet.pdf
Download ProTemp Solar Li…


  • Infrastructure projects including rail, highways and development of commercial/residential
  • Temporary works
  • Car parks and welfare compounds
  • Outdoor events and festivals
  • Emergency response lighting


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