Solatainer® Off-grid Solar Power Generator

The Prolectric Solatainer® provides dependable, solar-generated electricity that can be used as the primary source of off-grid power on site compounds in the construction, rail and infrastructure sectors.

The Solatainer is a stand-alone generator that achieves a huge reduction in diesel usage compared to conventional generators. Fuel and manpower costs are therefore dramatically reduced, normal running is silent, and emissions are minimal.

Available for hire or cross-hire, the Solatainer is the UK's first autonomous solar-powered off-grid generator with a proven track record in hundreds of projects sites in the rail and construction sectors nationwide. 

  • Prolectric Solatainer Powering Site Office
  • Porlectric Solatainer Powering Compound
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  • Prolectric Solatainer Powering Compound And Lighting

The Solatainer offers:

Ultra-Low Emissions: Minimal fumes and carbon emissions
Minimal Noise: Benefits for urban locations and night projects
Minimal Fuel: Minimal diesel and refuelling costs
Low Maintenance: Autonomous operation. Simply set up and leave to run

A standard Solatainer can be used as a direct replacement for a diesel generator for power demands up to 25 kW.  The Solatainer is also scalable up to 100 kW, by increasing the size of the photovoltaic array and the battery capacity.

Modelled on a standard 20ft shipping container, the Solatainer’s array of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels harvests energy during the day to charge on-board lithium ion or deep-cycle lead acid battery storage.

A standard Solatainer comprises of a 4kWp PV array, 15 kWh battery pack and a 15kVA or 25 kVA stand-by generator, however every Solartainer can be configured to meet the power needs of your site.

Complete Energy Security

The Solatainer’s automated system is programmed to demand power from the standby diesel generator when the batteries are depleted below a set limit, or to responsd to a spike in demand.  

Fuel usage is typically reduced by 80% compared to a conventional diesel generator. 

Remote Control and Monitoring

Each Solatainer is equipped with a micro-controller and GPS tracking, so it can be switched on and off remotely, and key data such as power generated/consumed can be monitored and recorded. You can change the settings without attending on site – or we can do it for you.

Regular reports can be provided to track performance and carbon saved compared to conventional alternatives.


Dimensions:  6.06 x 2.44 x 2.59m

Weight 3092kg

Electrical Certification

The Solatainer is delivered fully-charged and set up for you on site with a full distribution board by the Prolectric team.  Our fully-qualified electricians hand over a certified system to you that’s immediately ready to operate.


Download Jn10930 Solatainer Off Grid Solar Power Generator Vf Digital
Download Jn10930 Solat...


  • Power for site compounds
  • Site offices
  • Welfare cabin, canteen, toilets
  • On-site equipment, inc power tools, gantries, cameras etc


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