AE6 Solar LED Street Lights

Prolectric is the market leader in solar lighting for streets, car parks and footpaths. We were the first to introduce solar-only permanent street lights to the UK in 2011 and there are now more than 2,000 units installed nationally.

Prolectric AE2, AE3, and AE6 luminaires are high-quality, year-round, solar-powered LED units. They provide permanent lighting without the need for external electrical power. The lights are simple, quick and economical to install. With no need to dig trenches or install trunking for cables, installation costs can be halved compared to conventional mains power alternatives.

Our specialist knowledge of solar lighting design and deployment has helped us to gather feedback from customers and work with manufacturing partners to develop lighting solutions that operate reliably in UK conditions. Prolectric’s specially- developed smart light controller and Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensor work to ensure the solar LED light lasts from dusk until dawn, even on the darkest days and are proven to operate throughout the UK winter.

Prolectric permanent LED solar lights are ready for installation on your specified lamp posts or can be easily retrofitted onto existing posts. Prolectric offers installation of our solar street lights, as well as supply of lamp posts, as required.

Because they provide stand-alone off-grid lighting without mains power, Prolectric permanent solar lights can contribute significantly to your organisation’s carbon reduction targets. As uptake of the technology continues to grow rapidly, our lighting can make a significant contribution to the Government’s 2050 carbon reduction targets.

Prolectric are exclusive distributors for the Leadsun range of solar lighting.

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Key Features

Prolectric permanent solar lighting lighting offers:
High-quality LED brightness: Bright, powerful light 
Intelligent operation reduces light pollution: Integrated Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensors switch lights to 100% brightness when vehicles or people enter a pre-defined area, but save power and reduce light pollution when the area is unoccupied
No mains power: Economic to operate
Zero carbon: Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
Zero maintenance: Install and forget with a long operating life
Quick installation and delivery service: Prolectric will deliver and install on site usually within short timeframes


  • The AE6 is our brightest and most powerful solar light that provides outstanding lighting performance even in the winter months. Its 30 or 40w LED can produce an output of up to 50,000 lumens.
  • Prolectric LED street lights use new-generation lightweight lithium LiFePO4 batteries that deliver high power and longevity. The lighting units each have an integrated charging unit that constantly monitors the state of the batteries’ charging circuit to optimise power levels and ensure maximum efficiency.

 The quality and reliability of Prolectric AE6 is backed by a three year warranty on the LED, solar panel and body.


Prolectric solar LED permanent lights are a popular choice with local authorities and Ministry of Defence bases, where repairing broken street lights or locating and repairing cable faults is expensive. A Prolectric light can be retrofitted easily on to the existing lamp post to provide power-free, maintenance-free lighting for many years.


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  • Public areas
  • Bus stops and shelters
  • Car parks and perimeters
  • Marinas and harbours
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