Micro turbines

An increasing number of consumers and businesses are using vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) in preference to the horizontal design, because of the many benefits of using a VAWT for trickle charging batteries.

Wind flow is rarely constant and consistent; rather it is usually turbulent and veering. The influences of nearby obstacles can significantly alter wind flow patterns.

Unlike a traditional horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT), a VAWT rotates around the shaft vertically. VAWTs provide good performance in urban and suburban environments due to their inherent design characteristics. Some key benefits of micro scale VAWTs over horizontal wind turbines are:

Safer – The design of the blades and plane of rotation means that the VAWT is intrinsically safe, in that accidental human contact will unlikely result in serious injury during operation. 

Any wind direction – Ability to effectively capture turbulent winds from any direction; VAWTs do not need a yaw mechanism to face the blade rotor into veering wind directions. They immediately capture wind from any direction.

Low vibration and noise – VAWTs also typically operate at lower rotational speeds, thereby reducing or eliminating turbine vibrations and noise.

  • Forgen Ventus 30 Microturbine

    Forgen Ventus 30 Microturbine

    Previously known as the Forgen 500, the Forgen Ventus 30 is a robust vertical axis machine designed for single battery installations typically up to 150Ah of ba…

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  • Forgen V30 Antarctic Microturbine

    Forgen V30 Antarctic Microturbine

    The Forgen Antarctic is the most robust vertical axis machine on the market today and is designed for use in the most extreme environments. Hundreds of units ha…

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  • Forgen Ventus 70 Microturbine

    Forgen Ventus 70 Microturbine

    Formerly known as the Forgen 1000, the Forgen Ventus 70 is a robust vertical axis machine designed for multiple battery bank installations typically up to 450Ah…

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